The series of MDK products are intelligent inverter all-in-one machine designed for large-scale photovoltaic power generation system. The built-in controller can realize the charging management of solar array on battery group, improve the charging efficiency management of livestock battery and extend its service life at the same time. Inverter adopts DSP, ARM and DDC real-time processing of full digital vector control technology, with perfect protection function and high reliability, the grid model/battery priority priority can be set up, and provide convenience for the majority of users of different application requirements and use LCD touch LCD screen display and human-computer interaction, at the same time with WIFI and 4 g interface, which can realize wireless monitoring and plant management. The products can be widely used in large solar off-grid power stations.



Main features:

V pure sine wave output, with strong loading capacity, full load can be applied to various resistive, capacitive and inductive loads;

V products can be equipped with MTTP, up to 6 control channels;

V high reliability design

Double transformation design, so that the inverter output frequency tracking, filter noise, low distortion.

V environment is highly adaptive

The inverter has a wide input frequency range and is subject to large fluctuations.

V battery has high optimization performance

Intelligent battery management technology is adopted to extend the service life of the battery and reduce the maintenance times of the battery. Advanced three-stage constant current and constant pressure pulse charging technology can activate the battery to the maximum extent and make full use of energy when charging.

V has a comprehensive protection mechanism

Power on has the function of self-diagnosis to avoid the fault risk caused by machine hidden trouble. At the same time, the machine state is detected in real time and the fault processing mechanism is classified to ensure the high reliability of the machine.

V efficient IGBT inverter technology

IGBT has good high - speed switching characteristics and high - voltage and high - current operating characteristics. Using voltage drive type, only need small power control, make the working efficiency of the machine is higher.

V high conversion efficiency

The inverter adopts energy saving design and selects high performance components, making the machine work normally more than 95% energy efficiency.



MDK series three-phase high-power inverter power (100KW/200KW/300KW)