GGD series high frequency inverter is mainly used to change the low-voltage direct current into the pure sinusoidal 220AC alternating current. The inverter adopts dual-arm control and fully isolated IGBT full bridge transformation, which makes the equipment conversion efficiency higher and the carrying capacity stronger. The overload capacity can reach more than 30%, driving all kinds of loads at full load, and the completely isolated application is more secure.


Main features:

v pure sine wave output, the ability to load, full load can apply various impedance, capacitive and inductive load;

v all aluminum shell body design, the cooling performance is strong;

It has a universal protection mechanism

Power on has the function of self-diagnosis to avoid the fault risk caused by machine hidden trouble. At the same time, the machine state is detected in real time and the fault processing mechanism is classified to ensure the high reliability of the machine.

High conversion efficiency

The inverter adopts energy saving design and selects high performance devices, making the machine work normally more than 96% energy efficiency.

Acoustic design

The inverter can track the temperature and automatically adjust the fan speed to reduce noise and save energy.


GGD high frequency pure sinusoidal wave inverter (1KW/3KW/5KW/10KW/20KW)