3KW hybrid solar system


Country of origin: China

Brand name: lanxing energy

Model: LXAN 300

Specification: normal

Scope of application: for home use

Output voltage (V) : 110 V/220 V/ 230 V/ 240 V

Load power (W) : 3000 W

Solar energy (W) : 3kW

Working hours (H) : 24

Product name: 3kW solar energy system

Output waveform: pure sinusoidal output

Color: black or custom

Protection: overload, short circuit

LED display: LCD +

Rated power: 3kW

Efficiency: > 90%

Communication: RS 232

Battery voltage: 24V/48V

Charging current: 50A

Size: 55 * 27 * 41.5 cm

Weight: 22.5 kg