Country of origin: guangdong, China (mainland)

Brand name: lanxing energy

Model: LXAN 100

Specification: normal

Scope of application: home, home and industry

Output voltage (V) : 1000 W

Load power (W) : 1kW

Solar energy (W) : 1000W

Working hours (H) : 24

Product name: solar energy system

Output waveform: pure sine wave

Protection: overload, short circuit

Display: LCD touch screen

Efficiency: > 90%

Communication: RS 232

Term number: single phase

Battery: 12/24 v

Size: 46 * 22 * 32.8 cm

weight:9 kg


Product notes:

• pure sinusoidal output with strong load-carrying capacity, full load can be used for various resistive, capacitive and inductive loads;

• high reliability design

Double transformation design, so that the inverter output frequency tracking, filter noise, low distortion.

• the environment is adaptable

The inverter has a wide input frequency range and is subject to large fluctuations.

• comprehensive protection mechanisms

Power on has the function of self-diagnosis to avoid the fault risk caused by machine hidden trouble. At the same time, the machine state is detected in real time and the fault processing mechanism is classified to ensure the high reliability of the machine.

• super conversion efficiency

The inverter adopts energy saving design and selects high performance components, making the machine work normally more than 95% energy efficiency